Tips For How to Sell Used Panties with the Scented Pansy Community

Sweet Anna talks through some pointers on how to succeed as a seller on Scented Pansy panty selling community. New panty sellers posting frequency - how often and regular to post panties for sale ads. Post pictures over time and not all at once. It is important as community members to welcome new members warmly to create a great support system within the Scented Pansy community (best panty website on the web). Marketing one another is important too and very easily done on Twitter. Helping someone else with selling used panties helps you in the long run as it brings in new buyers to the community.

Admin can help with admin things, but sometimes there are those girl-to-girl questions that are really helpful to have another seller's experience and testimonial. Know that there is a support system here.

One of the biggest tips I learned early on was to be patient. This doesn't mean wasting time with timewasters who want nothing more than to get free stuff. Scented Pansy is pretty good about keeping those types at bay with the structure of the site. However, being patient is definitely a virtue. It can mean the difference between a $150 sale and a big goose egg. Take a little time to get to know the buyer and try to understand what they could be interested in. Put yourself out there with some personality. This means non-sexual stuff too! It can really go a long way toward opening a genuine connection on which to build a great professional relationship - potentially long term.

In addition to being an active member - posting photos, listing items regularly, and posting status updates - a seller can also be proactive by using Twitter, Instagram just to name a few. Spread your profile link far and wide on as many websites (like your in your profile on other sites) as possible. This will give you definite results in the long run as it will exponentially increase traffic to your shop. Selling used panties can sometimes feel like a slog, but just remember that with a little effort every day, you'll be one stone higher towards building a mountainous base of regular customers. Selling panties online has its special challenges, but with my help you will succeed! You got this!