Dirty panties fetish allure explained by Sweet Anna

Sweet Anna takes some time to share her thoughts on the nature of the dirty panties fetish. She is spending a lot of time answering your questions about selling used panties. No matter how often I say it: you're normal for wanting to sniff panties! Twelve percent of the population has a fetish. The number is even higher since a lot folks keep their fetish secret. 12 out of 100 people have some kind of fetish - whether it is dirty panties, foot fetish or BDSM - even some other wild fetishes such as adult baby fetish. Don't even feel like the odd guy out. Wet thong, wet panties videos, and pantyhose sex are all common place if you have a look here.

What is normal in the panty fetish context?

I got a question the other day in my email. A buyer actually emailed me and asked me if he was normal to have a panty fetish. Where he liked to where women's panties and sniff wet panties. Yes you're normal! Here is some cold hard data: 12%. This is the percentage of the population that I would suspect has a panty fetish. We know that a lot time there is cross over to foot fetish, etc. It really depends on the individually. If get a hundred people in a room, 12 of those individuals, at least 12, have a panty fetish. Truth be told, they many have another fetish that you haven't even dreamed of yet. We all have the things we like to get us aroused. That intimate smell is sexy! One way an animal determines sexual readiness in a mate is by smell. When you know that a stranger has worn panty next to their crotch all day and sent it to you in the mail, that is really horny. If we think about the erotic nature of ordering panties from a stranger who we may have sexual feelings for - that is very sexy as well. We have these factors that play into this fetish. The fetish is only unhealthy if it harms you or someone else.

Don't ever feel embarassed. The other thing that I realy want to say is there is a very strong phyisological basis for the reason we feel the way we do from the fragrance of panties. I'm attracted to men and women and the the thought of sniffing panties and knowing that at some point throughout the day the wearer probably got aroused - that really initmate kind of smell - I think that is sexy. We can look at those things and make a comparison and say you know what - that is just another normal animal part of us. And also if we think about the erotic nature of ordering panties from someone who might be a little bit of a stranger but we think is very attractive and we have these kinds of sexual feelings. We know they wore that close to their body, it is a bit of turn on.