Question for Sweet Anna: 'Do I ship panties wet?' + 'What do I feel is the best way to ship used panties in 2022?'

I do ship items wet, I feel this is important for having that "just came from me" feel. I aim to have the moist panties as if I just played in them. This is achieved by wrapping the gusset first in plastic wrap that has been dipped in "my pussy grool ". This is so important to have them feel like they came directly off of my body and got right to customer as fast as possible. Sometimes, because I do ship internationally. Fast isn't really going to be an option so my shipping really has to be tested and proven to withstand a long duration. I'm going to show you how to use this method - how to send the freshest product possible. And I hope it helps new and old sellers alike. Remember, there are no strict guidelines about how to do this so feel free to change and alter as it works best for you personally. So, once they are carefully wrapped in plastic wrap I twist each end of the plastic around the wet gusset to make sure that it is very tight. I then carefully fold the panty and slip the panty into a food saver bag in which one end has been sealed. I then vacuum seal the product.

Alternatively, some sellers let the whole panty dry out completely. This means either give them time or use something like a hair dryer to get the panty dried out. Then, the buyer can reactivate the smell zone with water or something wet. In this method, the likelihood of getting a sour or rancid smell is reduced greatly. It is more a matter of the buyer's request and personal preference. So you should make it a point to either advertise your method or ask the buyer's preference if any. Sometimes sending things wet will produce undesired, unforeseen effects like a pissy or foul smell by the time it ends up in your buyer's mailbox. You don't want your worn panties to get lost in the mail either. It really pays off to get tracking for your buyer in the event that something goes missing in route.

I would take my package and lay it on the tissue paper - wrap it up really nice. Often times I like to write a thank you postcard. I feel it is really important to show our customers how much we appreciate them. And for that fact that they chose to buy used panties from us. Make sure you write their address on there nice and clear.

Shipping container for your used panties

For domestic and close to home shipping a zip lock baggy is fine, however using a vacuum sealer is paramount in keeping your item fresh until arrival for international or more than 1 day domestic. If you're sending something like , you might use a discreet small box. The cost of a food save isn't hugely expensive if you look at like a local Goodwill (or other thrift/resale shop) first. This is an item that is often purchased and then donated, along with the food saver bags. I then wrap the item in a slip of tissue paper with a note or card and ship the item in a manilla shipping envelope. I often use a "dummy address", however I would just make it clear that you do not want returns - (honestly, why would you?). And remember not to use your own address as mentioned in the complete guide to sell dirty panties - just use the buyer's address as the return address. You have to do whatever you feel comfortable with. I would make it explicitly clear that you don't really do returns unless it is something discussed between you and your customer prior to the sale.

That is pretty much the jist of shipping dirty panties. Unfortunately, you do need to make frequent trips to the post, but freshness should be paramount! For international shipping keep in mind that you will need to go to the post office to fill out paperwork and do not forget to be discreet on the declaration form, do not say "underwear" or "pussy pop" rather, "cloth", "postcard", "Candy". You may ship domestic however you like, but I like going to the post office to make sure that I am only paying exact postage vs using to many or too few stamps. Nothing is more embarrassing than your customer having to pay additional postage to obtain their item. Don't worry about going to the post office, pretty soon you'll know them all by first name and they won't have a clue what you are doing (just keep your name business-like on the envelope) and it will be your fun secret!

Again here is the list I put together for general checklist for 'tools of the trade' (updated for 2022):
  1. Plastic cling wrap
  2. Vacuum sealer with vacuum sealer bags
  3. Product for customer (of course!)
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Note of appreciation
  6. Shipping envelope
  7. Packing tape
  8. Sharpie marker
  9. Scissors
  10. Timesaver: have extra customs declaration forms ready for international packages

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