Sweet Anna addresses how much to show when selling used panties

'Should I show my face?' Sweet Anna talks about some answers to this question and reveals some suggestions about other techniques to achieve success selling used panties. Do the benefits out-weigh the risks? Will it make you more money? These are all very important considerations when making your dirty panties for sale. Ultimately, it is a personal choice that only the panty seller can make. Be who you are, even if you aren't showing your face (but your panties showing). Dressing up is part of the fun! Members who buy used panties and have a panty fetish are generally a creative and fun lot - so show off your wild side.

Consider all sides of the deal and be yourself

Try and consider all the possible factors. Could it affect your marriage, your job? Try and make the most informed choice possible. If you decide you can't show your face, there are so many other things you can do. I'm going to give you some examples. Be who you are and be yourself! Just because you aren't showing your identity doesn't mean you can't show your personality! I mean, isn't dressing up part of the deal? It's part of the fun - so find something crazy. Put on some sunglasses to hide your eyes.

Do you have to wear a Darth Vader helmet? No, but if you have a Darth Vader helmet and you like that, go for it! Or maybe be demure in just a scarf - showing off your beautiful eyes. You can be more than just a torso. Craft one of your beautiful panty stories. Make it fun for cuckold panties. Maybe you've always wanted crazy rocker hair or a call girl who always thought her smile was her best feature. Or the girl who has been a little animal? The sky is the limit! You can make yourself up in full makeup. You can be the real you and let yourself shine through. Honestly, if you want to increase your sells, yes you have to show more than your panties. But that doesn't mean you have to let the world know your real name. Show them the side of you that you're afraid to show the rest of the world. The side you always wished you could show. Be that person and you'll do great.