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SP will not support disputes without an order number. Use our ordering system when buying on SP to ensure best outcomes.

Quick answers

1. Buyer initiates an order using the "Order item" button on listing with an optional message to seller.

2. Seller gets a notification about the order.

3. When buyer and seller settle everything, buyer sends a payment, seller sends the item and marks it as sold.

4. Seller can leave a review for buyer at this point (will not be visible to the buyer yet).

5. Buyer gets a notification that the item has been shipped by seller.

6. After item reaches the buyer, they mark it as delivered and the seller is notified about the successful delivery.

7. Both parties have 1 week to write reviews after delivery is confirmed.

8. Reviews are published either when both buyer and seller have written them or one week after the delivery if one of them didn’t write a review.

9. Two weeks after the “sold” date, if the item wasn’t marked as delivered, SP automatically sends a notification to buyer.

10. Any of the parties can cancel the order while it’s in the “processing” state – the other party will be notified of this with a cancellation reason, if provided.

To cancel your subscription, please go membership page here.

Deleting your account will destroy your account data. To delete your account permanently, go to your account settings here.

To start the dispute process, find your order number here and add it to the form below along with the following details:

1. Are you currently blocked from communicating with the user?

2. If yes, what is the date of last contact?

3. Send any supporting documents to prove your claim including ORDER NUMBER (required). i.e. screenshots of payment confirmation, delivery details, etc.

Find more answers on the FAQ page.

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You can attach a screenshot of up to 5 megabytes in size.

**** Typically messages are answered within 24 hours. Please allow for more time on holidays or weekends. Thank you for using SP support system - we're here for you!