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Imagine a stunning milf wearing sheer pantyhose without any panties on. Perhaps she wears them to the office all day. Perhaps she touches her self from time to time thinking of how you will wank off with these very pantyhose. The more she thinks about all the dirty things that you want to do, the hotter she gets, and the more soaked those pantyhose will be. By the end of a long day, she strips off those pantyhose and packs them and ships them off, to your doorstep! Now you can worship her scent to your heart (and cock’s) delight.

Or if a more powerful musky smell is what you desire, how about a pair of workout leggings? Worn through multiple sweaty workouts, soaked through with your Goddess’ scent. Maybe you will get extra lucky, and she will wear the leggings without any panties, and her juicy pussy grool has been rubbing on the leggings as she does steamy hot yoga. When you receive this smelly treasure, you will know that your beautiful woman worked hard, just for you - especially after sex in pantyhose!

Scented Pansy is the number one place to buy dirty pantyhose and leggings. Not only that but here you have access to a personalized connection with the sexy women who wear their pantyhose for your pleasure - during work and play! On your Scented Pansy dashboard, you can follow your favorite sellers, and even watch steamy videos and purchase personalized photos of her wearing a sexy pair of pantyhose or leggings. Then you can buy those very same pantyhose to wrap around your cock or breath in when you jerk off.

You can find just about anything to satiate your fantasy - pantyhose that have been worn for days, bbw in pantyhose worn during sex or masturbated in, creampie pantyhose, mature women in pantyhose even men in pantyhose! The best part is that if you build a relationship with your favorite seller, many of them take special requests, so there really are no limits to your desires.

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Where there are humans, there are fetishes. What is a fetish? It is the imparting of an object, person, or behavior with special reverence or sometimes linked to sexual gratification. If you can dream it up, it is a fetish. Dinosaurs in socks? Yes. Cleaning the oven? Yes. Balloons stuffed under one’s shirt to make squeaking sounds of leaking air? Of course. Some of the more run of the mill ones you’ve undoubtedly heard about - foot worship, butt fetish, hairy pussy fetish, etc. And you can count the cum on pantyhose among “normal” fetishes, for there are more men than you think who partake in its charms. The same goes for stocking sex, women in nylons, pantyhose feet, and smelly socks fetishes. Fetishes are as varied as the human imagination. Women in nylons is a more subtle approach to sexual exploration.

Women wear yoga pants all the time now, and thank God for that! Yoga pants and workout leggings show you all of the sexy curves, but leave just a little to the imagination. Not to mention how wet and aromatic they get after a couple of hard workouts or some hot, sweaty yoga pants sex.

Perhaps I have hit my head? Or am I in heaven? That is the only explanation for the visual feast I’m seeing. In the wild of a government-owned city park, I stand there dumbfounded, my furry best friend sniffing the ground rapidly on our walk. Even he knows we’re not in Kansas anymore. I froze, as rigid as a scarecrow and paralyzed with fear like a cowardly lion. Surely I’ve died and gone to another land... called Yoga in the Park. Two hundred bent over women in pantyhose, every curve accentuated, every one of them sweating and focusing on a goal. Every type of synthetic material known to man - is hugging every nook and cranny, absorbing every one of their distinct scents. My eyes dash around trying to take in all the colorful options - taking mental notes of the faint hints of thong lines, ruffles, boy shorts, and even the creamy panties - something for everyone.At last, I spot my favorite of all, no panty lines. Nothing separating her from the scent-absorbing stretchy pants. I fixate on her curves as they welcome the material inside her. They look as though the leggings were painted on her. Her voluptuous ass cheeks have devoured every seam. Land masses shift, almost as though they were in combat, as she changes yoga positions. She settles in and perches as if it’s a show for just me. I see her dampness, the fabric rubbing her just the right way. I'm envious of the lyrca cotton mesh. I would give anything for her to hand me those leggings as soon as she is finished. My heart thumps around in my torso. My brain swirls around like a tornado, and I wake up face down on a brick road. Toto licking my face.

Scented Pansy has made buying and selling used pantyhose and leggings easy and safe. It is a priority for us to maintain the highest levels of privacy and safety for all of our members. All of your personal information is protected and anonymous. To ensure the highest quality, Scented Pansy does verify the identity of all our sellers. This information is only used for verification and is kept private. Sellers use usernames for the customers to be able to find and review the service provided, and sellers only share the information they choose.Are you looking to get in on selling some of your bbw pantyhose fetish wear online? We have our complete guide to selling panties online that teaches you everything you need to know, ensuring success in selling pussy grool panties. We go over how to ship, payment systems to use, staying safe and private, and much more. Scented Pansy is a welcoming and helpful community, reach out if you ever have any issues, questions, or if you need assistance and we provide all of the tools needed for sellers’ success and buyers pleasure.

Scented Pansy is much more than used pantyhose and leggings. We have a wide variety of other fun and kinky listings - used panties, foot fetish, and used bras. Many of the sellers offer stocking sex and personalized videos and panty porn pics.We have pictures and videos uploaded daily by the sexiest amateurs on the web. So many fresh and first-time exhibitionists and panty lovers are showing off with the camera rolling - anything from wedgie fetish and pregnant squirt videos, to taboo mom scenarios. And of course good ol’ dirty panty pics.