My story, my business

Get to know me & my panty selling story 


To start I would like to say I'm a very open minded person, I love exploring different perspectives on pretty much anything, especially about what drives your kink in particular, how did you figure out that you like what you do..


Starting at the beginning in October 2019 I found myself in debt after running the cost of a house, a lifestyle & having a child.


I needed to do something to get on top of my finances my credit card was almost maxxed out now. I looked online at ways to make money and I kept seeing feet picture ad's, I liked the idea of that. "I have gorgeous feet and a creative mind, fuck it why not" so I joined pd.


I was thrown in at the deepend without a paddle, I didn't do any research and having limited rl experience from being quite vanilla myself, I mean I had experimented but bdsm wasn't any knowledge I possessed panty selling was a real eye opener for me to say the least.


So I started checking out all the top sellers on the platform had, I read they're bios I looked at how they presented themselves and their business. I needed to know how I was going to go at this new endeavour.


I decided early on if I was doing this they I would stand out as the person I am, the one who genuinely cares about positively affecting those around me.


I remember reading many years ago and hearing many times since then, when you approach life and interactions understand nothing is guaranteed but just the one thing death, so when you speak with someone always try to make it so that if that was the last thing you said to them you'd be happy with the words you chose.


So I figured how can I show I care? To anyone who doesn't read my bio or take the time to message me, who's just passing by, window shopping if you like. How do I show them visually? I decided consistency was the way forward for me.


In the beginning I spent a lot of time talking to the 'top buyers' on the platform and literally asked for advice, I mean fuck it why not I knew nothing about why men brought panties.


After about 5 weeks or so I started to really get my head in the game, I had more time on my hands due to being off my feet for a month shortly before the outbreak. So lots of time to spend on reaching out to buyers.


I would like to say that I never knew about seller help groups, I had signed up for free tips via email with Dalma at the pantysellingschool but I never considered the benefits. I was very much a lone wolf until I met an incredible seller who called herself Stacey..


Stacey was the first seller I connected with & did content collaboration with, she helped me improve myself & my business. I had so much fun with Stacey it was nice to have an connection with her.


From here my business took off in December and I rapidly got lots of attention and work coming my way, I was building connections that would outlast my break from the industry.


In the end of December when my business was at its height and I was running full steam ahead I had a few dramatic changes to my personal life.


Me & my long term partner decided to call it a day with our relationship. Later that very day my so called best friend at the time decided she didn't like how I was earning money and told lies about me to turn my entire friend group against me.


She contacted my ex trying to break us up, but the joke was on her, we'd already split. I also had lost my job recently. My life appeared to be crashing down around me.


I was faced with the prospect of selling our house, being a full time mum, having no financial security, but I had this. I had my secret little source of money.


Then covid hit and I couldn't get help with childcare anymore. I couldn't get more than 3 hours a day to myself nevermind my business. I lost my momentum & motivation to continue my circumstances had changed. I had other priorities that needed my attention.


Fast forward to the end of last year..


I now find myself rebuilding my business, after moving into my own home out of debt, having a stable income & having more time on my hands again.


It's been a long journey but I'm so happy to be back doing what I love again, spreading joy & pleasure across the world by simply just being me and enjoying what I do.


It took me quite some time to get over the projected opinions that were pushed on to me by somebody else's own insecurities.


One of the greatest feelings I get from the work I do here and in my business is the confidence in myself and my ability to enjoy the work I do.


By choosing to start my business again I'm striving to show my child the world beyond our town, our country & lifestyle by travelling with him in a van.


I'm a true hippy at heart wild & free.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I really appreciate the time you've spent out of your day ❤️


If you'd like to share your experience on how you first found out your fetish I'm all ears, I would love to know ❤️


For any sellers reading this feeling lost, would like to learn more about selling online or just to be part of a network of information & sellers drop me a message, I'm always happy to help ❤️