Kinks aren’t just for buyers (a little look inside my sexual awakening)

Kinks aren’t just for buyers (a little look inside my sexual awakening)

Let me start with a little back story.... I’ve been married since I was 19. Lots of ups and down and bumps in the road. I’ve always been a bit “slutty” and enjoyed sex. And my husband was a virgin when we met... Like any married couple who’s been together forever or has rough patches, I tried to spice things up. We’ve tried everything between porn to me selling adult toys to try new things but it was always things he wanted to try. However things pretty much always stayed vanilla. 

Being on this site and learning about fetishes and kinks I wouldn’t of thought of before or thought I wouldn’t enjoy and experimenting with the fine men and women of SP has opened my eyes to new things I now know I enjoy. Before SP masturbating wasn’t something I enjoyed. From a young age I was told it was bad and just didn’t enjoy it. However seeing the income I could make for my kids so that we could enjoy things since my husband controls finances and doesn’t allow for things that aren’t a necessity (🙄) I decided to give it a try after doing the whole paid online girlfriend thing and kind of hitting a drought. 

There is something so erotic about taping yourself that I never thought I would enjoy! I instantly moved past the taboo of masturbating and just wanted to make customs for everyone! Hearing a man/woman tell me how my video made me feel (especially when I thought they were horrible) just set me over the edge and to be called sexy or beautiful after years of no longer hearing that just ignited a fire under my ass to be the best I could. I had hard limits but I quickly climbed the point ladder and slowly experimented more and more with my boundaries with regulars who I felt comfortable with and wanted to please. 

I'm not sure about other sellers but this site has been a learning experience for me also. I’ve learned kinks I've enjoyed and some I don’t mind doing but aren’t my thing. Most of the people on this site with the “weirdest” kinks are the nicest people I’ve ever gotten to talk to! So, my tip to sellers try it at least if it seems like something you wouldn’t do. Buyers be patient with us who say no. We may change our minds - especially if we feel comfortable with you!

Kinks aren’t just for buyers (a little look inside my sexual awakening)2