Mar 28, 2023
A Year of Sexual Exploration

A Year of Sexual Exploration

2022 consisted of tons of sex

How was your 2022 in terms of sexual exploration? Hailing from a traditional Chinese household, I was raised to disregard my pleasure. This led to countless problems that I name in my previous article.

In January 2022, I added another US state (Washington) and foreign country (Canada) to my list of places I’ve had sex in. I also patronized my first Vancouver strip club. That same month, I was interviewed on Stripped by Sia’s podcast. Our episode is about professional cuddling. Sia may be a Vancouver stripper but I sadly didn't get to watch her undress in person. While in Canada, I flashed my boobs at a snowy lake.

For Valentine’s Day weekend, I went to my first nude beach. I didn’t have sex on the beach, perhaps I’ll do that this year. 

Fast forward to March, I fulfilled my boyfriend’s fantasy to have sex in a college classroom. I promise no class was in session when we fucked.
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I danced at only one strip club last year. I made decent money from March to April before I caught covid. My boyfriend and I finished season 1 of P-Valley in a day. Honestly, it’s still the best fictional portrayal of sex workers. I thank my lucky stars he and I didn’t have to cancel our Guam vacation.

Photos don’t do Guam justice. You need to experience the island yourself. On our second day in Guam, my boyfriend and I ingested sexual enhancement pills. He was the only person who felt enhanced. Our sex life is fine as is. I won’t ask my partner to take sexual performance pills again. He would say the same for me.

I’ve been to strip clubs in California, Nevada, and Louisiana…strip clubs in US territories greatly differ from the mainland. I hear Guam strippers make most of their money through advertising alcoholic drinks. I love dancing in the Bay Area but I wanna work in Guam from June to August in 2024.

We sadly had to leave Guam early because of a last minute work-thing in Oregon. I got fucked in Portland for the first time so I can't complain. Around that time, I appeared on the homepage of Amateur Porn Clips and released my first cosplay sex tape around that time.

May 2022 was when my boyfriend and I began having unprotected anal sex. Having semen leak out of your ass is vividly different from being creampied in the pussy. We woke up so horny one morning, we fucked anally whilst a friend was sleeping in the same room.

In June 2022, my lover and I attended our first porn film festival. A pornstar I admire was at the festival but I was too shy to say hello. Yes, I have ideas as to what I’d direct if I were to submit an entry. My lover didn’t speak at all during our car ride home. I understand watching pornography on the silver screen can be taxing for those who don’t regularly consume adult media.

Last night, I mentioned the film festival to my partner. I was scared that I made him feel sexually inadequate because I explore my sexuality in ways he doesn’t/hasn’t. He shut that down immediately. We’re more compatible than I give us credit for during my insecure pouts. I’m proud of him for evolving into the person I know and love today.

My June ended with replacing my birth control implant. My procedure was free because I went to Planned Parenthood–a nonprofit that provides reproductive healthcare. The nexplanon implant lasts for 5 years. I’m grateful my super sexy boyfriend accompanied me to my surgery. My recovery period was quick. We were advised to use condoms during the first week post-surgery. I did everything I could to tempt my man to cum in my pussy raw.

Have you seen those vasectomy cookies circulating the internet?
I should’ve paid a baker to make cookies to celebrate me renewing my birth control.
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In December, I became an ARC reader for Jenna Moreci’s “Shut Up and Write the Damn Book”. It’s the only book I read to completion last year; I highly recommend it to anyone writing a book (fiction or nonfiction). 99% of the books I purchased in 2022 are about sex work, BDSM, or polyamory. Many of those books are anthologies so I’d read chapters out of order. I remember reading “Coming Out Like a Pornstar” (edited by Jiz Lee) on an airplane though I can’t remember where I was flying to. The first chapter I read from that anthology is authored by an Oakland sex worker whom I’ve done community organizing with.

The biggest lesson I learned from 2022 is that I can survive anything. I survived sextpanther being booted off of their SMS company. I survived moving homes whilst battling covid. I survived being censored online (even by patreon). I survived switching therapists. I survived being exploited by a clothing company that boasts about being “stripper friendly”. I survived the most intense fights I’ve had with the people I love. I survived awful encounters in the professional cuddling world. I am unstoppable.

I can’t pinpoint my favourite sexual memory of 2022 or the single best thing that happened. Little moments make me reminisce about the first full year I’ve shared with my boyfriend, like when he falls asleep squeezing my thigh…or whimpers ‘I’m sorry’ as he cums without my permission.

One of my few regrets is not masturbating more. The orgasms my partner gives me are excellent but I owe orgasms to myself. Without a doubt, I’m buying new toys in the new year–preferably made of glass or metal because I need length, girth, and longevity. Now that I type this, I should let my partner watch me masturbate with my glass heart dildo. He’s seldom horny when I send him nudes and hentai. I should explore other avenues of seduction in 2023.
A Year of Sexual Exploration