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Say Please is a Scented Pansy seller since Aug 31, 2020.

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Bathroom Compilation (12/1) [COIN]

Bathroom Compilation (12/1) [COIN]

💩Join me every time I go to the bathroom over 36 hours! In this compilation you will find multiple videos of me emptying all my goddess lemonade, including two HUGE morning pees! Watch me push out poops after being constipated in one video and watch me make soft serve chocolate in another! I also did my best to capture every fart in the 36 hours going from dainty little toots to duck calls and long farts too! I even had a pee and tampon pull sneak it to the video! The video concludes with a photo of my soft serve poo on a plate just for you! Enjoy!💩 Available as a cash purchase for $15

poo poop shit pee lemonade fart gas toilet bathroom tampon red video say please

Posted Mar 4, 1:43 PM