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Sexy Sweaty Socks

Sexy Sweaty Socks

Hi my sweet sock lovers! 🥰 I am a curvy girl who is a teacher and sweats ALOT 🥵💦💦 I usually wear sandals because my socks always end up smelling so loud. 🙈 The price includes 24 hour wear, 1 workout, 2 pictures and shipping ❤️ Your choice of: (updated as sold) Purple 💜 Blue 💙 Yellow 💛 Add one include (not limited) -Foot Dust $5 (Small bag included, can upgrade.) -Extra Pair of Socks $7 -Orgasm/Squirt on Socks- $5 -Wipe with Sock $5 (1) $7 (2) -Toe Nail Clippings $5 -Workout $5 -Extra 24 hours $5 -Wear inside panties $7 -Panties $10 Coins available! Just message me ❤️

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Posted Apr 15, 9:47 PM