🪒 Рussy makeover🪒

🪒 Рussy makeover🪒

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$ 15

I love growing my bush out for a few months just to shave it all down, I get off on how different my vulvа can look just in a couple razor strokes. This time you get to watch me go from 3 months old bush to рussy smooth as a bаby's bottom. I start by stripping down and showing you my bush up close, talking about how I've been growing it out, then I use my trimmer on it and finish it off with my razor, getting my рussy absolutely hairless and smooth. It makes such a difference! I've missed seeing it like that and can't help but play with my freshly shaven kitty till I cum for you. Long pubic hair from this trimming is available upon request!

shaving pubic hair bush to smooth

Price: 15 USD

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