🫐Super old ripped panty from HS ... Just look at the state of this pair! Having had them since high school, I'm amazed they're still holding together, though with a mere few stitches! Several years of wear, faded color - this is the perfect panty for those who like items with history. The stories they'd tell... definitely naughty ones LOL 25$ for 36h wear - extra days 5$/day - stuffing and playing 5$ - overnight stuffing 10$ - no shower 5$/day, 10$/day after 2days - no wipe 5$ - workout 5$ - extra playtime 5$ Don’t hesitate to ask me about other add-ons you might think of, I’m fetish friendly! I will send you 5 custom photos in your panties or 2min video;) I always use a vacuum sealer for extra freshness and seal when wet (unless you want them crusty), and use discreet packaging! 7 views | Posted Dec 02, 2021
$25 USD