Stinky Armpitty B/O Tiny Tight S... 4 Days in a row, worn and sweated in~ with NO deodorant or perfumes~ just au naturale Goddess Body Odor, pheromones, and Tit and Armpit sweat!!! This shirt is very tight, AND VERY OLD..... and fits super tight underneath my arms, so it's been soaking up the sweat and stink non stop from there, as well as under my boobs. The tighter the top, the better it gets infused with scent! And this one is a bit thicker knit than a tee shirt, so it is especially good for holding on to scent. The price given here is for 4 days wear, 5 unmarked pics of wear, and free US domestic shipping. I will wear for additional days ($10 per day) or, do a week or 2 week wear packages which include a bunch more pics and video clip. the Week Wear package is $90, and is a full weeks wear, 10 pics, 3 min video clip and free shipping. 2 week wear package (for the ones of you who want SUPER POWERFUL pit stink) is $120, with the pics and video clip and free shipping. I'll also give you a folder of sexy photos from my google drive to enjoy (100 pics minimum) while you're waiting. 8 views | Posted Nov 25, 2021
$40 USD

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