Sexy sweat socks
Sexy sweat socks
Sexy sweat socks

Sexy sweat socks

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$ 15

Socks that i was wearing when I was outside being a bad girl and getting played with and was being rode so hard and I got so wet when I got up my juices ran down my leg and in the sock Ankle socks thai have wore for 5 days. I have done everything from clean my house to getting fucked from behind . Which was amazing. These definitely have my scent. Add on's like photos/videos wearing the item, extra days of wear, special requests $15 for 3 mins. $20 for 6 mins , $25 for 10 mins. $5 a picture (minimal of 3) $3.33 a picture (minimal of 6), $2.50 a picture (minimal of 10) $2 a day for additional days after 2 days

socks dripping slut feet

Price: 15 USD

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