Sexy red fishnets
Sexy red fishnets
Sexy red fishnets

Sexy red fishnets

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$ 25

These fishnets have seen me through many occasions, and now I am ready to get them stinky for you! I will wear these without underwear for 24 hours so that the crotch can soak up all my scent. Includes 1 proof of wear pic. Note the tights have some minor blemishes from wearing them out, but they don’t have any holes! Available add ons: extra day +$5, playing with myself +$5, lesbian sex +$10. Don’t see the add on you want? Message me! $25 CAD including domestic shipping. International shipping is +$10 *can still accept Venmo and cashapp as I’m an international student from the US*

fishnets tights red creamy stinky sweaty

Price: 25 CAD

Payments accepted: Venmo, cashapp, paypal

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