Rose Fishnet Thigh High Stocking... Rose Fishnet Thigh High Stockings fits 14-20 Inch Thighs. Elegant and sensual these rose thigh highs pair well with dresses, skirts and lingerie. You will need a garter belt to wear these Please keep in mind when purchasing like any used stockings they may have rips, tears or holes in them. *Allergy Warning* I own a cat so expect cat hair on them. Price includes 1 day worn, extra days at $5 per day. 1 digital photo included, multi day wears get 1 photo per day and additional photos are $2.00 per. Scent can be everyday, masturbation, stuffed and urine. A spritz of perfume can be added for $2.00. 5 views | Posted May 10, 2023
$25 USD