My self-protection fund As some of you know, my ex-husband is a real headcase. If you are curious and haven't read my bio yet, that is where you'll find most of the details without much of the gory bits. If you want a longer explanation, I did write an article which is the story of how I came to be here on SP. My therapist as well as many other professionals involved in my situation warn that he will ALWAYS persue me. Unofficially, he was diagnosed with both Overt and covert grandiose malignant sadistic narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy and machiavellianism. I know...hell of a mouthful right? I wish I was lying, but I'm not. Basically, he is a severely dangerous individual, and I have been advised to get protection now that he is off probation for the crime he committed against me. After I got away from him I took gun courses and familiarized myself with a few handguns. I have grip issues from when he slit my wrists and this baby fits like a GLOVE in my hand with a custom grip and doesnt have so much blow back that I drop it! I, apparently, have a natural shooting ability and I want to make sure that if he shows up, I am ready with something like this to deter his intended actions. I left the state we were in with our children...and he hasn't been seen up there in the last several weeks. He is reaching out to people I havent seen or spoken to in years, using social media to try to get strangers to spy on me for him. He is, unfortunately, actively hunting for me and using his military training to his advantage. Yes I have a PPO, but the officers aren't enforcing it. They tell me I need "A clear picture of his face while he is breaking his PPO". I am of the opinion that if he is close enough for me to get a clear picture of his face, he is too close and well within range to catch a bullet. Any amount towards this is GREATLY appreciated! Help me protect my babies from a monster! Thank you! 💋💋 3 views | Posted Aug 07, 2021
$5 USD