NEW - FUN - Sneezing Fetish Content - ACHOO 之

NEW - FUN - Sneezing Fetish Content - ACHOO 之

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I want to try a NEW fetish I am just now learning about - SNEEZING! I do have a condition known as Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO), but to trigger it for THIS fetish, I will first sniff a little bit of black pepper, and then I will sneeze 1 or 2 times, and I can prolong My sneezing attack by looking at a bright light - the whiter the light, the better. (Contrast) And then I will sneeze an additional 5-15 times. I AM very loud when I sneeze; there are no little cute sneezes here! 毋均 This sale is for a personal Wire/Skype session for around 10 minutes. Want to see more than sneezing? Then you can even see tears roll down My face and watch Me blow my nose when I am finished. You're welcome 毋均 Disclaimer: IF, for any reason, I am not able to "perform" in our session, I will record a custom video for you with ANY content you desire - up to 10 minutes. 毋均 I will have sneezing fetish videos for sale COMING SOON. NO part of this listing may be copied or reproduced without My prior knowledge and consent. I would LOVE to do a multiple girl sneezing session, so if you are a seller who wants to try this fetish, message Me.

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