Little Essentials 🐄🐑 You can get this set both in soft blues and warm pinks. Each set includes one baby bottle, one blanket-friend, and two binkies in a clear case. Both the cow and sheep are cuddle with me every night, and the binkies will be used for one day prior to shipping (and flavored if you want to). You can get baby-formula for 2€ extra per portion (one portion equals 300 ml milk). For 7€ extra you can add some surprise little-friendly snacks :) The Binkies will come vacuum-sealed, and so will the other things if you request it, it will then be gently wrapped in tissue paper and then send on its way with a kiss. Shipping in the EU is free, International is 5€. 3 views | Posted Nov 01, 2021
€65 EUR

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