I Beat Up a Cottagecore Girl to Get These Scrunchies 🦋🌻

I Beat Up a Cottagecore Girl to Get These Scrunchies 🦋🌻

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€ 7

I hope you're not allergic to pollen! These scrunchies have flowers and butterflies all over. They are made out of lace and come in many pretty and soft colors. Also, it's me, I'm the cottagecore girl, I literally have like a thousand strawberry items in my shop (and there are more on the way). 1 for 7€ 2 for 11€ (that shit rhymes) and 5€ each when purchased with any other physical item I'll wear the scrunchie for a day and then flavor it to your liking. I can spray it with perfume, marinate it lemonade, or squirt, cum on it, stuff it in a hole of your choice, spit on it, or wear it in my sock. After that, it'll be vacuum-sealed and then send on its way with a kiss :) International shipping is 2 euros for this one!

scrunchie lace butterfly flower lemonade pussy squirt cum ass spit feet stuffing perfume custom pink

Price: 7 EUR

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