💣 Foxy Russian striptease💣 Watch me show off my body to you in a sexy leather jacket and a fur vest, leather leggings and some black heels, with red lipstick on. I talk softly to you, teasing you, turning you on with my filthy mouth and my sexy russian accent, then I take off my jacket, revealing a tight bra top that accentuates my perky breasts. After teasing you some more, I take my leggings off for you, and you can drool over my toned long legs in fishnets and heels, my tight ass in a black thong. When you can't take it any longer, I'll take my shoes off and scrunch my sexy high arched feet close to the camera, spreading my toes. When I take my fishnets off, your boner will be impossible to ignore and you'll have to get stroking if you don't want to implode. I tease you some more and finally take my bra off, revealing my perfect breasts, just right, they would fit so quaintly into the palms of your hands...Now all that's left is just one last article of clothing, one skimpy piece of fabric separating you and my wet pink freshly shaved pussy... Can you take any more of this teasing?... I take it off and twirl before you, caressing my curves, bending so that you can catch all the angles. I show you everything and you still come out of this needing to see more of me, lover. Note: this video is filmed vertically, just like all the vids where I want to show you my whole body, I try to shoot in landscape, but my legs for days just won't fit into the frame ;) 10 views | Posted Nov 22, 2021
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