Bold And Extreme Piggies Drain ... You clicked on this because you want Mistress Octavia to use your wallet and treat you like the good little piggy that you are, don't you? 🐷 I'll treat you well, I promise.. Spin my drain wheel and take a chance. I’ll share the result from my spin with you and you pay me the amount. you'll win every single time, or should I say I will? 🐽 Pick from three of my drain games and take a spin with me piggie 🐖 💸Wheel 1 - perfect for beginner or shy piggies $1 entry fee, $5-$50 💸Wheel 2 - perfect for experienced piggies $5 entry, $50-$200 💸Wheel 3 - for my advanced bold piggies $10 entry, $200-$500 8 views | Posted Oct 27, 2021
$10 USD