Black lace top panty

Black lace top panty

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$ 25

Soft material perfect to run against your rock hard cock. Worn to your specifications 12hr/25$, 24hr/35$, 48hr/45$, 72hr/55$ and 96hr/65$ pussy stuffed +30$ and anal stuffed +40$ Take a whiff of my one of a kind scent and enjoy lusting in the aroma that is me  panties come with one play session ending in orgasm with upclose photos, so you can see just how soaked I am for you!.. free shipping in US. International shipping you pay for customs...Any and all add-ons welcomed!  More play sessions +5$per, spit onto panties +3$, extra wear after 96hr +20$ per day, pee +8$, skid marks +9$, no wipe pee +7$, no wipe poo +12$, no shower +15$per day, extra pics +5$per

panties add-ons cum soaked playtime orgasms dirty used special requests

Price: 25 USD

Payments accepted: Venmo cashout 2$ fee, cashapp 2$ cashout fee, Google pay, PayPal 3$ cashout fee, Amazon gc 2$ fee, eBay gc 2$ fer

Tattooing, art, outdoors, yoga
United States
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