America the Beautiful OTK Socks

America the Beautiful OTK Socks

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$ 35

I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free . . . to wear these damn adorable over-the-knee socks -- just for you, for three straight days. Want more? You got it. (+$5 each day). Includes proof pics and U.S. shipping with tracking. Get a custom photo set of my lovely feet for $10! (I've been a FF model for well over a decade.) Please note: My foot scent is mild and delicious. Not for the super-stinky-foot lovers. If you prefer a stronger odor from me, I recommend my pantyhose.

over the knee socks american flag worn socks foot fetish

Price: 35 USD

Payments accepted: PayPal, Googlewallet, Cash App, Amazon Gift Cards (+ $10)

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