Interview with Strawb3rryshortcak3

Editor's Notes | Mar 14, 2020
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    It really all started out as a joke years ago! My friend and I talked about it and I listed a pair on eBay before I new about amazing sites like scented pansy. Nothing ever sold and I moved on with my life. I decided life needed to be more exciting and I tried it again two months ago! Best move ever!

    Have you ever done anything sexy outdoors?

    I love a little outdoor excitement! My favorite place I’ve had sex is definitely on the roof in a very busy neighborhood. I also like wearing my lovense through the mall or at dinner!

    Do you do any other type of adult work?

    I sell content. Wearables. Really anything! I’ll try anything at least once!

    Who is your ideal buyer?

    Anyone who has good communication! I want to give you the best experience I can provide and clear communication makes it so much better.

    After getting started selling, at what point did you decide that you were going to 'give it a real go' in the panty industry?

    I think the rush I got after I made and shipped my first sale really sealed the deal. I love offering something that makes someone else happy but also makes me feel sexy at the same time. Win win.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I work a ton and I’m also a mom and a wife. I’m constantly on the go! I also like reading, music, taking baths, and chatting!

    If you could have only 3 material things on a deserted island, what would you choose?

    1•A solar powered vibrator
    2•some kind of hunting tool
    3•A water filtering straw!

    What’s the first piece of advice you would give to a new seller on day one?

    Don’t treat the buyer as a transaction. Don’t push a sale. The buyer is as human as the seller and what’s the fun if you aren’t interested in finding out more about them. Be yourself. And understand you boundaries.

    How does Scented Pansy compare to other panty selling sites?

    It doesn’t. It’s so much better. I’ve made more sales. I’ve created amazing friendships. And I’ve learned about myself all because of this site ❤️

    Anything on your mind that you wouldd like to express that was not addressed in the interview?

    Have fun! You have an opportunity here to do something amazing. It’s not for everyone and to get to be apart of this has been exhilarating. I’m happier. I’m hornier. I’m honestly probably nicer too. Reach out to people. Make friends. Enjoy your time here! And to the ladies who have helped guide me (you all know who you are) you’ve made this experience one of a kind!