Interview with Panty Pixie

Editor's Notes | Oct 04, 2020
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    I've been selling for about 9 months or so. Like many other sellers, I saw this idea on Orange is the New Black. I started selling old clothing on typical sites like Poshmark, and I wanted to figure out how to maximize my income. I have a very strong scent, why not use it to my advantage?! πŸ˜‰

    Who is your ideal buyer?

    My ideal buyer is someone who is caring, understanding and treats me like a human being who is running a business. This is not an easy job. At one point, I had a 'no excuses' statement in my profile, and I learned that things DO happen. Every single one of my buyers understood and treated me with dignity. I have had a handful of shitty experiences, but TONS of amazing connections with different people. My ideal buyers are the ones who continue to work with me. Thank you allen1968, Firex73, Jackel328, J Williams, & Wbj53, just to name a few, for always supporting me (abc order, no favorites hehe).

    After getting started selling, at what point did you decide that you were going to 'give it a real go' in the panty industry?

    From day one, I gave it a real shot. I messaged someone who seemed kind enough on their profile and offered them a pair of panties for $10 to gain my first review. From there, I made an effort to post panties every few days, if not every day. Taking those first photos made me feel SO confident about myself. Doing this is fun for me, so giving it a real shot has been easy.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Smoke weed. Also, I like experiencing new things, so going to different museums, Air BnBs, plays etc. I love spending time with my cats, hanging outdoors, and mayyyyybe masturbating 🀭

    If you could have only 3 material things on a deserted island, what would you choose?

    A machete, a fire starter that is solar-powered, and SUNSCREEN πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°

    What’s the first piece of advice you would give to a new seller on day one?

    SP was a little intimidating for me with all the fetishes and freaky shit I had never heard of. New sellers- this is a safe space for people, buyers and sellers alike. These folks that are looking to buy from you are trusting you with their freaky side. If you're not into it, don't do it! I have a very hard time talking on video, so I don't! Another thing- you don't have to follow any rules that other sellers tell you. This is a platform that we are paying for. Use it how you see fit!

    How does Scented Pansy compare to other panty selling sites?

    It's absolutely superior to other sites. I've tried them all, and the other ones tend to be complicated and expensive. SP has had its drama since I've joined, and admin has handled it very well. I love SP and I'll never sell anywhere else.

    Anything on your mind that you wouldd like to express that was not addressed in the interview?

    Not particularly. I just would like to say that I recently had to pay a hefty bill at the mechanic, and I had ALL of the money in my CashApp. I am SO grateful for the gentlemen I mentioned earlier, as well as admin for allowing a space for me to make this happen. It's changing my life.