Interview with Naughdia

Editor's Notes | Dec 10, 2020
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    I started selling panties and other content about 3 months ago. I was already selling other adult content online and began seeing ads and the opportunity to try it. After a little research and videos, I decided to step into the waters myself. I since have found that I enjoy every bit about preparing panties/items just right that are meant to satisfy someone who's beyond my physical reach. Soo hottt!!! I also luv to be watched and lusted for through pics and videos. I luv knowing my buyers are pleased and comfortable enough to come back for more!

    Have you ever done anything sexy outdoors?

    I have hop on for a quick "Ride" while going through a drive through car wash!

    Do you do any other type of adult work?

    I have before this been a phone sex operator. That was an interesting time for sure! I'm always open to talking about that experience! It was fun for a while. It just didn't always pay the best. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

    Who is your ideal buyer?

    Someone easy going. Upfront about what they want. I luv when a buyer shares the receiving process with me.. how naughty I made them be! It's also fun to get a creative buyer, who has a fun plan for the wear time or recieving process. That's always a good time too!

    After getting started selling, at what point did you decide that you were going to 'give it a real go' in the panty industry?

    Once I felt that it was a turn on for me as well and after a few successful trips to the postal. One of my only worries at first was, will my packages make it.. and they always have!! So far it's been a great time!

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I like to cook and try new recipes. I enjoy doing anything artistic. I luv listening to music, reading, and doing makeup on myself or others.

    If you could have only 3 material things on a deserted island, what would you choose?

    A boat, a tent, and a d*ldo... Idk that's a tough one lol

    Have you ever thought of quitting panty world, and if so, what kept you going or revived your verve?

    Yes when I was on another site with zero traffic.. Thankfully I found SP!

    Whatโ€™s the first piece of advice you would give to a new seller on day one?

    Buy a vaccum sealer and your shipping quality is key!

    Anything on your mind that you'd like to express that wasn't addressed in the interview?

    Be yourself and dont do anything that isn't for you or that you might later regret. With that being said, have fun!! It's been a blast for me and I can't wait to see what fun my future with SP has in store! Thanks for reading... Xoxo