Interview with derbygirl

Editor's Notes | Feb 12, 2020
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    I started in May of 2019. I stumbled across an article about it on Vice, and I thought “Fuck it. I wear panties every day. Why not try it?”.

    Have you ever done anything sexy outdoors?

    Just your standard fooling around in a car/pool/hot tub. Nothing too crazy.

    Do you do any other type of adult work?

    Just what I provide here and on similar platforms. That’s my comfort zone for now.

    Who is your ideal buyer?

    Literally anyone who is polite and respectful. I prefer chatting with and getting to know my buyers, but I know that’s not for everyone. I feel like I’m able to put more into an order once I know someone a bit more personally.

    After getting started selling, at what point did you decide that you were going to 'give it a real go' in the panty industry?

    After my first month, I took a big step back to reevaluate whether or not this was something I wanted to do. It felt so overwhelming. After some thought, I decided to give it another month and see how it went. I found my footing a bit, made friends with other sellers, got comfortable with several buyers, and the rest is history.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    My favorite hobby is roller derby, and gardening is a close second. If I’m not on skates or digging in the dirt, chances are you’ll find me baking, reading, or in the gym.

    If you could have only 3 material things on a deserted island, what would you choose?

    This is one of those anxiety inducing questions.
    1. Definitely my dogs. I can’t imagine not having them there.
    2. My kindle and WiFi.
    3. A shower with all of the necessities. I’m barely a person until I take a hot shower in the mornings.

    What’s the first piece of advice you would give to a new seller on day one?

    Don’t compare yourself to the other sellers. No matter how well put together they are now, they were once new too. If you can, find yourself a kik group or community of sellers that can help you navigate. If you’re lost and have no idea what I mean, send me a message and I can point you in the right direction!

    Also, don’t feel pressured to do things that make you uncomfortable. It’s okay to politely decline an offer. You will be able to confidently and comfortably expand your offerings with time and experience.

    How does Scented Pansy compare to other panty selling sites?

    I really love the ease of navigation. The review system is fantastic as well! It’s definitely my favorite of the platforms I’ve joined.

    Anything on your mind that you wouldd like to express that was not addressed in the interview?

    Just be polite! It’s not hard to be courteous and to communicate. This community is what we make it.