FAQ Payouts
Q. How do payouts work with Bitsafe?
Seller Payouts (using Bitsafe)

A seller is now able to receive payout of coin balances that exceed a minimum of 100 coins ($10).

Payout rate is $0.10 per coin.

Withdrawals can be made by request anytime.

Getting Started

1. Sign up for a talent account with Bitsafe.

2. Once you have logged into Bitsafe dashboard, you can find your unique Bitsafe IBAN number. i.e. NL90 BITS 0318 3756 72

3. Copy your IBAN number and submit to SP via the form on Coins page.

4. Once completed, you will be able to start requesting payouts!

Methods of Withdrawal from Bitsafe

Bitsafe offers several methods of distribution: ACH transfers, SEPA transfer, Wire transfer, or you can sign up for a Bitsafe debit card!

See more about Bitsafe optionshere.


SP is currently running once daily payouts Monday through Fri. Cutoff for processing is 8:00AM EST. Any request made after 8:00AM EST will be processed on the next business day.

Once received in your Bitsafe account, you can start a transfer from Bitsafe to your bank account (1-2 business days) or use immediately with Bitsafe debit card.