You wore the tux

You wore the tux

But it's my cock you'll suck

Oh, my sweet man.  You look so handsome. All polished and pristine in your suit.  Walking towards you in my white gown was the happiest moment of my life.  I've waited so long to share this day with you.  I can't believe it's here.  It has been the most amazing day celebrating our love, celebrating us.  I've also had a lot of fun teasing you.  My hand grazing your trousers as I shift passed.  My lips, I know you noticed them tremble when I caught you staring at my body.  The look in your eyes made my special wedding night panties so damp, and creamy.  It was such an amazing day.

And now.  The honeymoon.  Now, its time to celebrate and culminate our passion to end our day as husband and wife.  Go settle yourself in.  Get out of that amazingly sexy tux.  Wait on the bed for me.  I'll be right back.  

You watch me walk into the suite ahead of you.  Your eyes fixated on my round ass, framed so perfectly in my getaway dress.  The fabric flips with each step, the shadow of curve barely exposed, but you know it's there.  You know every crevice and dimple of my hidden body.  Satisfied and fulfilled with the goings-on of the day, you remove the black coat and pants and hang them in the wardrobe.  Keeping a keen ear to the sounds coming from the bathroom, your mind starts racing.

What do I have planned??  What more can I give you?  Every experience, every moment; we are at our peak and you are so satisfied.  What more can I do to show you that the last ten years have truly just been the start?

You're fully nude, arranged so quaintly on the honeymoon bed- not at all expectedly or stereotypically pornographic.  Your smirk and thoughts instantly vanish as you notice me in the doorway, staring at you.  

My amazing man, you are so handsome.  

My eyes fall directly between your sprawled legs, where your quickly erecting shaft begins to bob.  That growing cock always makes my body respond instantly.  The trickle of excitement between my thighs is quickly growing into a river, as your hand moves to ease your swelling shaft.  

No.  Don't wrap a single finger around that swollen little clit, you sissy slut.  

You may have worn the tux, my husband, but tonight you take my dick!  

Your hand falls down to the flat of your belly.  The stunning shock of my words breaking your trance as you now see the thick strap-on being revealed from behind me.  I step into the harness. The white thong bejeweled with Bride vanishing behind the material of the holder.  The massive dildo flopping as my hips shimmy and fasten the belts.

The tip bulbous, the narrowest point though, you notice.  The flesh tone, squishy silicone sways as I mice toward you.

"You know what I was thinking about as I fed your little mouth that piece of moist cake?" 

I slowly move towards you, the sway of my breasts matching the sway of my tool. 

"God, I can't wait to see those lips wrapped around my cock.  I've been planning this.  I know you want it.  Come here, my sweet sissy husband.  Get on your knees in front of me and let my rod deflower you on our wedding night. "

Still silent, you move towards where I stand.  In the center of the room, I wait for you.  My hand strokes and rubs my member, waiting.

"Come get on your knees in front of me. Your dirty slut mouth is about to swallow this long piece of mommy meat."


*** To be continued 

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