Yoga In The Bedroom

Yoga In The Bedroom

Have you ever wanted to enhance your sex life?

There's typically three approaches to fix sex problems. You have the psychological counseling to improve the relationship, sex coaching or therapy to correct erotic misconceptions and encourage whole-body sensuality, and for men, medications to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. There is a less publicized approach that also shows promising benefits, yoga. To dilate the arteries and improve sexual function, regular, moderate exercise really helps.

A growing body of research shows that yoga is good for sex and may even treat sex problems. Sexual function depends on robust nervous and cardiovascular systems. There are 8 elements of yoga: Yama *Cleansing*, Niyama *Self maintenance*, Asana *Postures*, Pranayama *Meditative breathing*, Pratyahara *Control sense*, Dharana *Focus energy*, Dhayan *Stability*, and Samadhi *Union*.

A great deal of research points to yoga as a subtle but potentially powerful boon to sexuality, especially for older adults.

Great sex begins with deep relaxation, which concentrates blood in the central body where it’s available to the genitals, instead of being directed to the limbs, which happens when people feel stressed. With mutual attraction, kissing, and hugging, deep relaxation then turns into sexual arousal.

Any activity that reduces anxiety/stress or elevates mood improves sexual function by aiding the deep relaxation fundamental to lovemaking. Yoga is deeply relaxing. Researchers assessed anxiety in 50 medical students, who then enrolled in a series of yoga classes. Their anxiety levels quickly plummeted. Many other studies show that yoga reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, elevates mood, and enhances feelings of well-being

Orgasms involve rapid contractions of the pelvic floor muscles that run between the legs. Stronger pelvic floor muscles produce more intense orgasms. Two types of exercise have been shown to strengthen these muscles—yoga and Kegel exercises. In yoga, the pelvic floor muscles are collectively known as Moola Bandha. Yoga strengthens all of them, providing benefits similar to Kegel exercises. To do Kegels, contract and relax the muscles used to squeeze out the last drops of urine. The tightening you feel, especially around the anus, tones the pelvic floor. Kegels also increase the pleasure of orgasm.

Even if yoga had no impact on sexuality, we’d still value its many contributions to health. The studies touting yoga’s contributions to sexual vitality are icing on the cake.

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