Nov 02, 2021
Why It's So Great To Sell Used Panties Online...

Why It's So Great To Sell Used Panties Online...

And Why You're Probably Learning More Than Most!

Welcome to the 21st century where everyone wants their own online business.

Online businesses are a trillion dollar industry with hot new lifestyle or freedom entrepreneurs around every corner taking selfies for their social media profiles and selling courses on just about anything you can think of.

It's the dream, right? Making money for yourself rather than working for 'the man'. And it's everywhere...

And us panty sellers are doing it too!

We, too, are part of this wonderful online entrepreneurial (or should that be pantypreneurial?) world.

Sure, selling used panties online isn't about to make anyone a multi-millionaire just yet (please correct me if I'm wrong), but nevertheless sellers are out there making good money and doing it (largely) on their own terms.

Unlike the thousands of Multi-Level Marketing schemes out there that promise you "your own business" (spoiler: it's not!), this truly is your own business that requires you to learn new skills. Skills you never even dreamed of, let alone felt capable of when you first started out.

What skills am I referring to?

How about sales and marketing?

Negotiating and networking?

Customer service, anyone? (This one is huge.)

Product research and development?

All things financial and accountancy. Are you keeping records for tax purposes?

Whilst we're at it a bit of graphic design and photography!

What about learning about kinks, fetishes and sexual psychology?

It's fair to say that panty selling online has a bit of everything you'd expect in an online business but with a whole load more. Chances are you are learning truly valuable transferable skills all whilst (hopefully) having a tonne of fun! 

And those are only the practical side of things.

What about the less tangible benefits that you receive in this line of work?


And damn well feeling sexy as fuck whilst making some great money?

Sellers have told me that being in this business has done wonders for their body image and helped them to achieve other body and life goals. 

What other online business does that?

But of course, let's not pretend it's all pantyhose and rainbows. 

Any panty seller who has been selling online for a while will tell you that yes, this is hard work. Yes, there are good days and bad. Yes, there are ups and downs and everything in between. 

There are days when your self-esteem takes a knock. 

Days when you compare yourself to others or when rejection seems to hurt a little more.

And yes, there are days when you outright question whether you've completely lost the plot. :) 

It's not as easy as it looks.

But I know for sure that what I've learned from selling used panties online has been ten times more powerful than any of the other online businesses I've had so far (and I've had a few!).

In the past, working online meant hours and hours of online busy-ness and hassle for little or no reward. With panty selling, some days all I have to do is visit the post office and send a few files and I've hit three figures before lunchtime...
I know that's an oversimplification, but really, USED PANTY SELLING ROCKS!

There's no roping friends and family into buying your product (MLM, I'm talking to you).
If you really don't want to work on any given day you don't have to. Or at the very least you can afford to coast a little more.
There are amazing platforms that exist to bring you straight to your hungry market (Scented Pansy, I'm talking to you).
There is potential to be creative in every single aspect of your panty-selling business.
You wear the hats. All of them. Nobody else decides what you sell or for what price. You are the CEO of your own global panty-selling empire!

It's a golden opportunity and I, for one, am so delighted to have found it.

To truly have my own online 'freedom' business that helps me learn loads and earn loads. :) 

Why It's So Great To Sell Used Panties Online...