Nov 02, 2021
Why I Started Selling Panties

Why I Started Selling Panties

This year has been a huge upset for us all.

I own my business but it took a hit with the closing of the economy.

I joined a group of girls on Facebook adminning a group cooperatively with these ladies. We all started talking everyday became quick friends, all of us spread out over the country. One of the girls said she supplements her income with selling panties, socks and anything else that would bring a few dollars, I was intrigued.

I toyed with the idea of becoming a panty seller for 5mos, I wanted to but at the same time, I was so nervous to do it. I had questions probably the same questions a lot of people have, am I sexy enough, what if nobody likes a curvy woman, is it safe, and blah blah blah.

But last month I started anyways, to put myself in more of a confident mood I would do my hair and my make up, and then I would take pics. Ugh but the anxiety!! But I felt sexy, in fact so sexy that I would get turned on posting my panties.

I thought to myself this is actually fun and a total boost of confidence, and in my head, I say fuck off to those who put me down for not being slender. So where am I going with this? To the women, you are sexy and beautiful so let it out, do what you need to do to make yourself feel more confident.

And lastly to the men, if you see a woman who is not your type,  move on and don't put her down for not being what you find sexy. 

Why I Started Selling Panties