Jan 29, 2022
Why I make videos for FREE

Why I make videos for FREE

Hello all! It’s been 4 months since I last wrote an article here.

Instead of talking about professional cuddling or poledancing, I wanna talk about why I upload FREE videos to the internet.

To many sex workers it sounds crazy--but hear me out.

I first uploaded free videos on Manyvids Tube and AVN Stars [1]. I uploaded visuals for my podcast [2] and sex education videos.

I wanted to create a series where there would be free and paid versions of my Sex Ed material. The free videos would be me explaining stuff like fingering…except the paid version would feature both my lecture and me getting fingered.

Fast forward to 2022, and I’m uploading comedy sketches on both pornhub and xvideos.

Years ago, I would’ve told you I despise adult tube sites; but now they’re more aligned with sex workers. 

Most online and many in-person sex workers use social media to promote themselves. Unfortunately, social media platforms are vehemently against sex workers EVEN THOUGH mainstream celebrities are allowed to share their nudes on instagram, youtube, etc. That’s why so many sex workers are creating “free pages” or uploading free videos on tube sites.

I don’t worry about tube sites removing my videos for “violating community guidelines” or “promoting solicitation”.

The top 10 websites worldwide are mostly adult tube sites. In addition to there being reasonable restrictions and lots of internet traffic, I upload free videos to tube sites because it is FUN.

All of my comedy sketches are improvised. Most are one to two minutes long. I started making blooper reels for every video after I filmed a Canadian snacks mukbang.

My partners are extremely intelligent when it comes to physics and math. So naturally, we made videos about theorems with sexual sounding names–like Tits group [3] and Hairy Ball Theorem [4].

I share snippets of these safe-for-work clips on my twitter, facebook, and tiktok.

I sneak around tiktok and facebook's censorship by using code words like “the hub”. I even learned how to say ‘Find me on pornhub’ in Spanish.

As a disabled, trilingual sex worker myself, I care a lot about making porn accessible.

Many are, or will become, hard of hearing and therefore rely on subtitles. That’s why I write transcripts for my comedy videos, in multiple languages, on patreon [5].

I also am hiring freelancers to caption my videos in Japanese, Chamorro, etc. Someone I found through Scented Pansy connected me with this resourceful website full of sex workers who do freelance labour, including closed captioners. The website is the SW Rolodex. I’ve already hired graphic designers and personal assistants through that medium.

The owner of the SW Rolodex recently announced they’re stepping away from adult business. When they still did online sex work, they weren’t hesitant to show their goofy side.

I’m following in her footsteps. I’m trying to make trailblazers like her proud. And I'm gonna have fun all throughout my sex work career. Hopefully, I can positively influence as many people as possible.

Being sexy can be funny, and being funny can be sexy.

Stay humorous everybody.

[1]  Manyvids no longer has a tube site and AVN has demonetized their website. To watch my MV Tube videos, click on ‘Sort vids’ and ‘Free’
[2] I host the world’s first podcast on Professional Cuddling
[3] Tits group is this specific, finite group of numbers: 211 · 33 · 52 · 13 = 17,971,200
[4] Hairy Ball Theorem has nothing to do with testicles and is referred to as Hedgehog Theorem in Europe. It’s part of abstract algebra. 
[5] Most of my patreon is free to view, including my transcripts

Why I make videos for FREE