Nov 02, 2021
Where do you draw the line?

Where do you draw the line?

Turning Business and Pleasure to Pleasure

I want to start off by no means am I saying not to do your own thing.

I'm curious what are your boundaries when guys try to go real life and all serious on here? 

I've had a few men on here make me think they're interested in a GFE product but soon after a few minutes of chatting to know what they're into, they don't want to pay but actually just want to date/be in a relationship immediately.

When I explain that's not what I do but I offer a GFE as I thought they were interested in, they get highly offended as if I wasn't supposed to clarify that I'm on a site to offer things to purchase only.

Any run-ins with these men?


How do you approach it?


Do you take interest in these?

My thing is this isn't a site for me to get into an actual real-life relationship/go on dates with someone who's anonymous. 

Where do you draw the line?