Jan 15, 2022
What is Sex?

What is Sex?

A fun study and the results.

While I am on here making sales, I am also learning things in my class including "What is Sex". What is it? Can you define it for me? You'd be interesting to learn that we don't actually have an agreed upon definition. When Bill Clinton said "I did not have sex with that Woman", was he lying or answering truthfully while hiding what he knew to be true? These results are fun!


What is Sex? 

For a few years students were given a questionnaire and told to have it filled out by 10 of their friends. Each year the results were the same. The question was "What is Sex" and then scenarios and the person would answer yes or no.

A man and a woman kissing/making out?

Two women kissing/making out?

Two men kissing/making out?

A Man touching a Womans naked breasts?

A woman touching a womans naked breasts?

A man with his fingering a womans vagina?

A woman fingering a womans vagina?

A woman giving a man a hand job?

A man giving a man a hand job?

A woman giving a man a blow job?

A man giving a man a blow job?

A man and a woman engaged in penetration?

Two men engaged in penetration?



I know your probably still thinking this is very simple and clear, black and white - its penetration only right? But if we agree to that then can two women have sex? Many people thought that fingering was sex while a blow job was not and most men think two women engaging in anything is sex while two men engagin in penetration is not sex. The results are actually very mixed. Most men reported that when two men engage in penetration only the "receiver" is having sex and is gay while the "pitcher" is not having sex and is not gay. Hmmm... Maybe this isn't as clear cut as one may have thought! Maybe Bill Clinton was being honest when he said "I never had sex with that woman". He hadn't and by most peoples definition, a blow job is not "sex". We can agree though that he wasn't being fully honest about his relationship with her.