Nov 02, 2021
Weekend In Miami

Weekend In Miami

By CelticLover

In the aftermath of the Covid19 Summer AQ (after quarantine) there I was sitting in a Miami cafe somewhere near my hotel in South Beach Florida. I had been chatting online with a lovely gal from San Diego about 46, named Isabel for about three months now. We were about to rendezvous for the first time in person. Me, a 58 year old native Washingtonian from the east coast meeting a Latina gal for coffee in Miami! How the Hell did I get here? I mused silently.

Hi! You must be Jerry? this gorgeous lady inquires. I looked up from my table. That's me. Isabel I presume? Yes, she says smiling.

Wow! I said a bit loud. You are gorgeous! Thank you, she responded cheerfully. THAT was a long trip Jerry, she sighs. Yes, I can feel it in my old backside, I quipped.

Did you get our room, she asked. I sure did, it's just a stone's throw from here sweet. Are you hungry, I said. Starving, she replied. Have you eaten? she said. No, I would wait and eat with you honey, I said. I hear this place is famous for their Cubano sandwiches, I say, noticing her lovely face. Sounds delicious Jay, I know you know your food from all of our conversations, and you practically being a chef. I'm game, she enthuses.

As the waitress took our order, I had a chance to study her for a moment. for a mature gal, she looked much younger, no wrinkles or lines in her complexion. Framing her face was a short dark brown hairstyle, cute angular cheeks, small button nose, and full luscious make-up! Damn...I'm impressed, I said admiringly. Come again, she said with a glint in her dark eyes.

Well, I I am a totally white 58 year old guy, meeting up with a totally drop-dead gorgeous babe. How did I manage this? She laughed. Pretty white teeth, I thought. Jerry, she started....ever since my divorce five years ago, I have dated every kind of Tom, Dick...and I mean Dick, and Harry out there. Since talking with you, I don't know...we ARE opposites, but you make me laugh. Your honest, straight forward, and if I may say so handsome in a mature way, she laughed nervously saying, I'm smitten!

Well, I took a deep breath, that makes two of us dear! The waitress brought our order and we both ate hungrily, talked of our planned weekend ahead of us, laughed, flirted, and finished our iced tea, I paid the bill, tipped and we left. The temperature in South Beach was 110 degrees that afternoon - and to say it was hot was an understatement. I found Isabel online one night on a site called Scented Pansy. She was selling pre-worn panties. I had never thought of buying panties, much less pre-worn, but as I looked over her offerings,

I could feel some stirring in Mr. Johnson (if you know what I mean) and said...what the hell and clicked the buy button. The rest, as they say, is history. After some chat back and forth, a week went by and the goods finally arrived. After opening them and removing them from the zip-lock bag - I inspected them...size small, red, see thru, full back pantie...pretty sexy, I thought.

I raised the crotch to my nose and inhaled, shallow at first...Definitely a woman's scent, again...Johnson more time, then deeply....OMG! I grabbed my cock buried my face in Isabel's pantie inhaling furiously all the while jerking off steadily. The scent was intoxicating to me! My senses were being brought to new heights of excitement that just masturbating couldn't achieve! Being with a woman was the best, but sniffing her special scent left on her delicate panties was darn close! After a few minutes, thick white ropes of come splattered the floor...I was hooked!

Several times a week I talked to Isabel, we spoke rarely of panties, but of every topic known to man. I live alone, single, having lost my wife some years earlier to the disease of dementia. My only son and his wife live in the Orlando area so I usually fly down yearly to visit. Isabel's aunt lives in Cocoa Beach, so we decided to meet a few hours down the highway in Miami for the weekend while staying with relatives. We arrived at our suite, dropped our bags and both decided to turn in and get a fresh start in the morning.

After a refreshing night of sleep, we got up early and after a nice breakfast we hit the famous South Beach. I rented us a couple of chaise lounges with umbrellas, set them up and began to survey our surroundings. It's beautiful, she gushes. Yes it is, I reply. The sand is so white, the water emerald green and clear. Isabel removed her beach robe, revealing a white string bikini - that caused my jaw to drop! You think I look alright? she cooed. I think you look delicious! I quickly replied. We walked hand in hand along the shoreline, marveling at the crystal clear water. Look! Some fish, she shouted. Where? I said. Over there she pointed. 20 yards away there was a shoal of colorful fish just off some shallow rocks.

We splashed each other and played in the water for a few hours. We spent the rest of the day lying in the sun, Isabel's body just thrived on the rays of sunshine, me on the other hand of Scottish heritage not quite as suited for the sun, stayed slathered in SPF 10,000 and under the umbrella. The rest of the day flew by.

We spent the evening dining, laughing, dancing, then retiring for the night back at our room. It's so humid here Jerry, she intoned. Yeah, A nice place to vacation, but I couldn't survive outside of the air conditioning for too long, I lamented. I'm going to shower and wash off this gonna join me? she cooed. I had been eyeing her since she first said hi yesterday, absolutely, I enthused. The clothes dropped and we were there together in the shower.

She said, soap my back honey, I eagerly responded. Isabel was petite, but perfectly proportioned. Her skin was naturally tan, but soft to my touch. I lathered her from head to toe and she did the same for me. We toweled off and after some play, and giggling we hit the bed. I reached for her shoulder and pulled her to me. We kissed. And then we kissed some more. Our lips joined together in sweet passion. I pulled back a moment just to admire her beautiful countenance.

Isabel is pretty, no doubt about that. My cock was in total agreement. She noticed too. Is he happy to see me, she laughingly said. Most definitely, I proudly said. She then bent over and took my cock in her mouth, working at first the head, sucking, then licking up and down each side. I was about to lose it completely, then she reached over into her purse and pulled out a pair of sheer red panties and said, I wore these here from Cocoa Beach yesterday...just for you! Aren't they your favorite? she teased. Yesss, I stammered. She raised them to my nose and I inhaled deeply, taking in all of her female scent.

Her mouth resumed to engulf my now flaming hot cock, pressure building, mounting, I could no longer hold myself back, I'm co..coming baby!. And with the red pantie around my face I came...hard! Isabel took in every bit of my seed and hungrily swallowed it down. She looked at my glazed eyes with a wicked grin, and the desire to fuck her became overwhelming - but first, a man....a real man wouldn't fuck a woman without proper preparation..taking her by the ankles, I flipped her around where I could have access to her fine trimmed pussy. I wasted no time diving straight into her already dripping cunt.

Up and down, inside and out my tongue tasted all of her deliciousness. Her pussy was heavenly, my fingers were inside her working to bring her the ultimate pleasure, my tongue licking rhythmically on her pearl - her hips were moving in a circular fashion. I'm coming, she cried. Come for daddy baby, I said lustily. COME for meee! Her belly now convulsing, no heaving is more like it - my tongue continued it's pace OOohh! she stammered - Like an earthquake her body shook, and then shook some more! By now my cock had reached steel hardness once again.

As Isabel lay panting, I flipped her over on her knees, took a long look at her spectacular ass, saddled up behind her and with the head of my cock, I parted her labia and easily slid myself in, doggy style. We fucked like we were on fire! In and out, back and forth. Harder she yelled out. With that I reached forward grabbed both tits in my hands and drove in deeper, she gasped. I looked down on her backside. She was so sexy moving in time with my thrusts, Damn, I can't hold out much longer girl, I cried! FUCK MEEE! she screamed! FUCK MEEE! I gave her my ALL! I...I, can't hold off! I cry Oh Isabel. I did my level best...Thrusting ever faster and harder I was now on the edge of exploding! And with a mighty roar from deep within me, I groan mightly as I shoot my load fully inside her sweet pussy, holding on to her hips tightly, my manhood buried fully on the down stroke.

My cock spasming deep in her warm center! I remained inside her luscious cunt slowly softening in her delicious pudding. All I could manage now was to collapse beside her! Jerry? she whispered. Yes? I managed. I'm speechless...she sighed. Yeah baby, me too...I replied. I took her in my arms as we lay beside each other and I kissed her lovely face and lips. Holding her beautiful frame close to me as we both basked in mutual contentment. Falling asleep we slept together till morning and after waking, we ate a fine breakfast. After packing our things for our journey home we vowed to stay in touch and meet again soon.

Maybe next month? - I know as soon as I get back home...I'm gonna log in to Scented Pansy and buy another pair of her little red see thru panties...just to hold me over!