We have value

We have value

How panty selling has boost my esteem and opened my mind

I was happily raised in a fairly conservative environment. I dressed modestly and never ever flirted. I was a bigger girl back then also so heaven forbid if I showed any skin which I felt would only bring ridicule from my community and teasing from my peers. As I matured I realized, that's all BS!!! I have curves and I'm embracing them. I surround myself with love and supportive people from all lifestyles and little judgement.  Entering the panty world as bought that to another level and I learned that I have value inside and out. 

When I first started selling I posted a few pictures and untypically I received my first sale in just a couple of days. I was told by a complete stranger that I was sexy AF. When he, and the others following, received my panty they would gush about how incredible I smelled and they wanted more. I then eventually blossomed a bit more and made videos. After that I ventured into KIK sessions. I really like the sessions. I will fantasize and tell story and give live pics or video clips until he cant contain himself and explode. What's sexier than that? I can just use my words and some sound or image to bring a man to ecstasy. This is valuable. I have value. And guess what? So do you. 

So when one says I charge too much or they want something free, I remind him and myself that I'm worth it. All the ladies here are worth it. 

You the buyer have value too. Yes, its true. I will treat you  so very special because you are worth it too. I will not judge. I tell you to embrace your fetish (as long as it does no harm to others). And if I don't share your fetish? I'll try to refer you to someone who does. 


We have value2