Use Your Mouth Baby 👄

Use Your Mouth Baby 👄

Voicing The Expectations You Have and the Experience you Want

We are all here for similar reasons. Some are here to sell panties, socks, videos and other intimate pleasures. Some are here to purchase those wonderful creations. The wonderful world of scentedpansy has brought Us all together for fetish fueled excitement. We are all one in the same.

With that being said, we are not mind readers. Yes, we as sellers understand the fun and basics of what we do. But everyone of you gentleman are as different as the variety in my panty drawer.  Everyone wants different things, do not be afraid to voice what you expect from your seller. She will respect you for it and we LOVE that! Sometimes we need a little help giving you exactly what you want. What's the worst worst she could say? No? One women’s “to far” may be another women’s “Yes daddy.”

Just like you buyers, sellers are all different. Reading profiles, checking shops and communication is key to finding your panty goddess. We all have different fetishes, limits and offer different sexy services. You can also check reviews to see if buyers with the same interests have purchased from that seller you’ve been eyeing up. But at the end of the day the best way to get what you want is to ask.

How much attention and time do you expect from your seller? This is very important! Some sellers have more time to spare than others. Some are in college, working, have families and sometimes all of the above! As a seller I know most of us try to give you updates daily and make sure you know how your order is coming along and to make sure you are happy with it. But if you expect lengthy conversations all through out the day it’s best you make that clear before purchasing from someone. Everyone’s on different scheduals and sometimes different time zones! If you are looking for a more intimate friendship, some sellers offer a GFE: Girlfriend Experience. More time, more talking, more picture and more perks! 


Tell me more Daddy. Let me know exactly how you want me to prepare your panties/socks/video. Details are sexy. A man that knows what he wants is a turn on. You want sweaty work out socks worn for two days? You got it. You want a black nylon thong with heavy ass smell and a thick coating of cum, shipped dry not wet? Mmmm yes please! The more details you give the better we can provide that fantasy you crave. We love to please! My panties are a canvas, your fantasy is my paint brush.

When you finally find your panty goddess, your dream pair, get all those delicious details figured out and purchase that sweet musky pair you have one last thing to discuss. Shipping details are just as important as preparation details. Make sure you send the shipping address shortly after payment in confirmed. That way there is no confusion and your seller has it in case she can’t reach you when it’s time to mail them out. Do you prefer them vacuum sealed? Some sellers don’t have access to one and bag them in ziplock bags(like myself). Do you want them shipped wet with the gusset wrapped for freshness or do you prefer them dried before bagged? These are all things you should discuss with your seller. 

We don’t think you’re a hassle or picky.

You like what you like and you deserve what you pay for. Honestly, don’t be nervous that being specific will make you sound demanding. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. Remember where we are! We are a group of open minded, sexy, fun individuals. Using your mouth will only get you everything.


Stay wet scented pansy,


-Miss Bella Wet

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