To Be or Not to Be Offended

To Be or Not to Be Offended

Confidence and Panty Selling

In the past few months of panty selling I’ve seen sellers who feel that this work has made them more confident in their bodies while on a different day it makes them feel self-conscious about all their perceived flaws. I can relate to both these feelings as all of us can, even outside the world of panty selling. Whether panty selling has boosted your self-confidence or your comparing yourself to other sellers or feeling deeply hurt by a rude comment from a buyer, your feelings are completely valid. With that being said, what is my point?

My point is that these are all symptoms of the same problem. We are allowing strangers to dictate our perception of ourselves. Which means our self-confidence is in a constant flux. So, how do we remain confident in this setting? 

  1. Look at panty selling for what it is…

An extra source of income, a way to explore new kinks, whatever it is leave it at that and derive your self-confidence from something else. Are you a wonderful mom, a dependable friend, open minded, hard-working? Maybe you speak multiple languages or always remember details about people’s lives, and you make everyone feel welcomed. Whatever it is, stake your perception of yourself in that and let panty selling just be a fun way to make extra money not something that defines you. 

  1. What about compliments?

Look at the compliments that don’t have anything to do with your body. Don’t get me wrong compliments are welcomed and nice but focus on the times that a buyer said you were attentive to their needs, communicated well, fun to talk to, sweet, or kinky. These attributes are what create repeat buyers and make you a great panty seller. Even in this setting you are more than your physical apperance. 

  1. Develop thicker skin!

I know no one wants to hear that, but we need to. At some point or another someone will say something to hurt your feelings, consciously or unconsciously, and I am truly sorry for that. It isn’t fair but if this is something you want to continue doing and not have your day ruined every time someone says something hurtful you will have to take it upon yourself to simply not let it ruin your day. Block that person and remember that it’s just panty selling. You do something truly remarkable that has nothing to do with your tits and ass, and the people in your life see your amazing qualities so don’t let a stranger on the internet overshadow that.

To Be or Not to Be Offended2