Nov 02, 2021
Tips for new sellers

Tips for new sellers

I've been a member of this community for about three months now. It was started as a joke between my husband and I, but I've come to enjoy it and it's become my passion. It's erotic and sexy.  

  1. The first and most important thing I can say is: do NOT under-sell yourself. Just because you don't have any reviews or experience doesn't mean you don't have worth. Buyers may try to break a deal with you because it's your first sale. But you don't have to, this is your business! You will get people who know your worth. I saw a woman on here once selling her panties & pops for only 5$ and my jaw dropped. When I asked her why she believed she had to, to get sales. And she was drop-dead gorgeous. Make sure you leave room to make a profit. 
  2. Invest in a food saver handheld vacuum sealer. It will keep whatever item you are trying to send fresh longer as well as preserve any scents. Panties will also arrive wet ( if sent wet ). Just because we're working from home doesn't mean we have to be unprofessional. 💋 I myself like to add a touch of "me" to the package. I send a nice thank you note handwritten with a nice sealed kiss. All wrapped up in tissue paper. Special to the occasion. I remember to keep everything private and discreet. And on that topic. I've wanted to splurge before and get nice fancy bubble mailers to customize my shop a bit more add a touch. But quickly thought to myself and I am glad I didn't make that mistake. Remember, some of these gentleman enjoy this fetish but still have wife's, and family. You don't want them to receive something BOLD and have everyone asking questions. Private is the ultimate task here. 
  3. Keep your shop full at all times. The more you have the offer the better the chance of a sale. Some buyers will reach out to see what else you have. But some like to keep things under the table. If they don't see what they like they'll move on. 
  4. Most of all and I've been at guilt to this one a few times. NEVER ACCEPT AN ORDER THAT YOU DONT 100% feel comfortable doing. I myself have made the mistake. I had a moment of bravery being the shy person I am, and I accepted doing a video that was out of my comfort zone. I kept pushing the order to the next day promising to do it but I couldn't. And I had to refund the buyer. And I felt awful.  
  5. I can only recommend it if you feel uncomfortable doing the video. Try offering to film first. Then once you've filmed, create the order and accept payment to insure yourself. 😘
  6. Lastly, we all will get time wasters. After a bit you will come to realize quickly into the conversation who is and who isn't serious. And I've found that the admins are unbelievably organized and keep this site running amazing. They'll weed through them and they won't be here too long. Remember it's your shop. Have fun!