This One's for the Gentlemen

This One's for the Gentlemen

So today's article is dedicated to you, the kinky gentlemen of Scented Pansy. Many of the articles I have written in the past had touched on advice to buyers, but today, it's all about you.

You may wonder, what advice can you, Dominique, give me, the client?  I see what I like, pay the girl and boom, done deal. 

There's still a few things that should be discussed. Whether you are a veteran client or brand new to the site, I would love it if you would indulge me by continuing to read...

First, we are here to please you. Our pleasure is a by-product, sure, but it is all about with that in mind, just a few things to help with communication and making it a more pleasurable experience for you. 

Communication.  When starting a conversation with any seller, be sure to check them out. What do I mean by this?  It is the same thing I tell my fellow sisters, you never know who is on the other side of that computer screen.... So look not just at their pictures, but at the seller as a whole. Do the seller's photos look authentic? Are they watermarked? What is it about this particular seller that is drawing you to her? Is it her looks? Is it her items? Is it the way that she presents herself? Availability? Is she verified? This is important because it shows that the lady has taken time to get themselves verified with Admin. There has been an investment of time and energy by the seller so you know she is serious. 

Profile.  Many of us fill out our profiles to head off any questions you might have so no one's time gets wasted. Also, not all sellers accept the same payment methods and sometimes, this can be a problem for you, the client. Whether you are looking for a way to discreetly pay your seller or you want to be sure you can actually use the same payment method. If they don't, it's OK to move on to another who will. There have been gentlemen who have gotten upset with sellers for not taking PayPal, for example. PayPal is not sex worker friendly and most seasoned sellers will not use it because real names have been revealed, addresses and having that account  shutdown and being banned for life is not a risk most are willing to accept. 

Feedback. Vetting a seller is OK. Check their feedback. Have customers been pleased? And this is your chance to give feedback when it is your turn to give feedback.  It is valuable for this reason as positive/neutral/negative experiences can be laid out for review.

Questions. It is OK to ask the seller questions. However...playing 20 questions to ask about sexual preferences is not the same, especially if you haven't paid the seller for erotic chat.  We are all here to make money. This is not a dating site. Chatting to clarify availability, ability to fulfill requests, scheduling, is perfectly acceptable...but please, be respectful and wait to ask questions of an erotic nature until after you have paid. Please keep your questions to around 15 minutes.  Trust and believe, it doesn't sound like a lot of time, but it really is. I have successfully kept my gentlemen to 15 minutes to close the deal, and they have all been happy....

Graphic pictures. Yes, you might be tempted to show off your "Mighty Sword" ( I see no need to use graphic language, it is understood what I mean) because the seller has done something to make you so happy, but be sure to ask if it is OK to share or make sure you have already worked that out with your seller beforehand. "Mighty Sword" ratings are a paid service, so never assume it is OK to just send it.

Disputes. Recently, there has been some unsavory misunderstandings/disputes between sellers that clients have gotten themselves swept into the middle of. I am going to say this as directly as I can but only because this is serious. Don't do it. Do not get yourself involved with ANY seller disputes.  No matter how hard we try to tell everyone to refrain from speaking bad of another seller, sometimes, it happens. YOU have the power to stop gossip with YOU.  If there is a seller who comes to you and speaks badly of another seller, take it to Admin.  They have always been responsive and let them take care of it. When clients get in the middle it is never a good thing. You never know how a seller might take would you say to them that someone else said about them. Not everyone has the same emotional strength. And do you know for certain it is not being misinterpreted? It leads to a lot of misunderstandings, hurt feelings and unnecessary bickering on the feed. Just stay out of it. Do you want to support the seller? Support them. Buy from them. Sing their praises on feedback. But stay out of disputes and arguments.

Order button. And finally, when you hit that order button be ready to pay. The order button is there for orders. Please do not waste a seller's time by pushing this button and not paying. Or saying "Oh sorry, I found a better deal." That is never cool.

Treating your seller right will elevate your status on Scented Pansy among other sellers.  You will get the reputation for being awesome and not a time waster. However, treating us badly will get you the equally opposite reputation and sellers unwilling to work with you.

 We are a special community here at Scented Pansy, without a doubt.  We take care of each other. A special Thank You to all of the wonderful gentleman who have supported and continue to support us, the sellers, emotionally and/or monetarily. Your support means everything. 



This One's for the Gentlemen2