This one is for the ladies

This one is for the ladies

This one is for the ladies....

Thank you for taking a moment to read what I have to say. For those of you that don't know me, I am Dominique and I have been a fantasy maker for Scented Pansy since 2017. If you have ever read my profile, I say, I am proud to call SP home. I truly am...

I wanted to take some time today to give a few seller pointers. This is NOT in any way to tell people what to do, it is just to share my knowledge with all of you. I am a big advocate of helping other women succeed. There are plenty of buyers to go around. Keeping them coming back for more is the secret and that is where we all have to work together. 

How do we do that? 

Well, the following is a list of tips and etiquette that I live by and I think that has contributed to my success here. 

First, look around you. Check out what the average prices are for different services and start there. (I have written another article, "Because we are worth it" in Puddin magazine. This is a good article for newbies just starting out.) 

Whatever you do, don't start so low just to try to get your name out there. The following is an example of what happens starting panties low out at $15. Let's start factoring in the math...$4 for the panties brings you to $11. Vacuum-sealed bag= $1 brings you to $10. Padded envelope=$1 brings you to $9. Shipping=$3.50 brings you to $5.50. You still have to drive it over to the post office.... see what I'm saying? This is why I say to start the first day of wear at a minimum of $25. Suggested additional days charges can be anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on what you're doing. More if required. 

Second, don't pounce on new buyers. "Reaching out" to say hi is one thing; emailing buyers with why you're here, what you need the money for, all the things they can get by buying from you, gets overwhelming. The gentleman come here to relax and have their fantasies fulfilled. If they are interested, they will reach out to you. Even in the digital age, it is important to be a lady. How you project yourself is very important. It says a lot about the respect you give and the respect you want in return. If you do get a disrespectful email it should always be reported to Admin. That should never be tolerated.

Class begets class.

Third, if you come to us from another panty site, that's great! Welcome! We are glad you are here with us. However, we don't need to know what site you are coming from. 

This is Scented Pansy. 

You can advertise all the other sites you are on, on Twitter or Instagram. When you are here with us, this is Scented Pansy.  In your profile, you can mention you are a veteran seller, but please, leave the competing site names and screenshots off.

Fourth, work out the details with your buyer when completing a deal. Be clear on what day you will start wear and how many photos they get per day as proof (or if you even offer that- some sellers will charge for additional pictures where others will include it). Let them know if you vacuum seal your items. Walmart has a cheap vacuum sealer for $17 to get you started. Get the address to ship to, and email address or Kik name that can be used to reach the buyer should something happen. Keep them updated! If you get Shark Week in the middle of wear, let them know! If you can't get to the post office because of weather, let the buyer know! There is zero, zero, zero excuse for not completing order when you have been paid. Always get paid in full up front. You never start work without getting paid first. There is no half up front and half when completed. It's paid in full and then you work. If you cannot ultimately fulfill an order, refund. Most of the gentleman will be understanding, but you have to communicate. As a seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that the buyer can trust you and your fellow Sisters by communicating at all times.

When you ship it, send them the tracking number. 

But Dominique, I am concerned about privacy. 

Then go to the next town over. The envelope is stamped with the shipping origin anyway. The tracking is attached to the package. You should be using the buyers address as the return address.

Fifth, personal details. Yes, in this business we get personal. Virtual sex work is in part about being incredibly vulnerable and little details just come out... there is a line that should NOT be crossed, however. Real names, and if you have children are the two biggest things that should be kept under wraps, at ALL times.  There have been a few ladies in the last few months that learned the hard way. At the end of the day, this business is entertainment. You still don't truly know who is on the other side of that screen. Yes, there are wonderful and caring men on this site. I have been lucky enough to work with quite a few. But for privacy sake, that is always a hard line you should never cross.

But Dominique I am proud to be a mom and a MILF...great!... just don't talk about your children.

Finally, I will close because this is getting long LOL.... be considerate of your fellow sellers. Don't choke the feed. It is wrong and rude. If you are active enough you'll get noticed. There is no reason to go overboard, there is enough business to go around.



This one is for the ladies2