This is Therapy

This is Therapy

I'm Rin, I'm a seller from the midwest, I'm 23, I'm a mom, and I'm a trauma survivor. As with many women (and I'm sure a few on this site), my past trauma caused me to shy away from my body and from sex. Of course, I see a regular therapist and take my medications, but Scented Pansy has truly done something for my self-confidence!

I'm a much more sex-positive person now! I know what I want and don't want, I know what I'm worth. For once in so long I KNOW I'm worth so much more than I ever thought! This has truly been an eye-opening experience beyond any in-person meeting I've had.

The feelings of capability and control flow through me when I sign in I take control of my life and my body, and how I use it. I take control of who I'll be talking to and what content I'll be making. It's self-control I've never before experienced.

When I first began, talking to buyers was pretty nerve-wracking and sometimes scary. With time though, I slowly worked myself into a groove I was comfortable with, slowly edging outside of my safety bubble. Now I pride myself on doing some of the strangest requests you could think of!

If you asked me three months ago if I would ever be confident enough to do a fully nude photoshoot I would have laughed. Today, I made a full nude video, not just pictures with filters that made me feel pretty. An unfiltered, uncut, raw video of my divine nudity.

It felt great. It felt like progress.

This is Therapy2