Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box

As my fantasy maker anniversary is approaching, it got me to thinking of my time in the beginning and how incredibly "green" I was. I knew nothing...and I mean nothing...about selling used panties or other articles of clothing. I didn't even know this was a thing. As I got started on Scented Pansy and I did more research, I started picking up things fast. Things like, lingo "shark week", "lemonade", "red tide" along with acronyms like, JOI, POTD became the norm for me. Also, there were these things called Kik sessions,  Snap Chat, and Skype sessions, oh my!! There were so many things to learn about like foot fetishes, pee play and more...I was not in Kansas anymore, Toto!! I learned fast that in order to keep up, I was going to have to "think outside the box".

In my opinion, to be a high caliber fantasy maker, you have to pour yourself into whatever you are doing...panties, photos, videos, kik sessions, etc. Initially, your energy is transmitted virtually and if you are not "feeling it", the client more often than not, can pick up on it. It's one thing to be inexperienced with something, its another to know and not enjoy it...

I got a request recently for "dominiation services"... to which I politely declined. I told the client I was sorry, I do not perform those services; to which he responded, oh sorry, that's too bad.  It made me recall the first time I had gotten this my very early days. I remember getting the request, pouring my whole self into it and immediately regretting it. I did not feel comfortable inflicting that kind of energy onto my client. It stayed with me for days. That feeling of, oh man, that was really harsh. The client loved it, however. Though they loved it, I vowed then and there to myself that even though I would always try to think outside the box, this would be a hard line for me. 

 And I never did it again. 

I used to have this one client in particular, who truly enjoyed his Kik sessions with me. Why? I poured myself into it and it showed. I knew how to get into his head. While I did that, I got into the session too. His joy came from knowing that I got satisfaction out of it too.  It became addicting and intoxicating. I got sharper with my Kik skills because of him.  I stretched my imagination because I was willing to explore with him as he nudged me into exploring this scenario or that. I thought outside the box because doing those things I had never done in real life had come alive as suppressed fantasies with him during sessions.

I knew as long as I was OK with the outcome, it was OK to do things outside the box.  Even if I wasn't sure of the final result, if what I did made the client feel good and it didn't hurt me to do it to them...then I would just try.  Also, the fact that I believe fantasy making as a two way street. If I wasn't comfortable, I could just say no. It's OK to say no, because of the diversity here on Scented Pansy,  there are others who would be willing to do it.

 Another client got me to wear pantyhose without panties.  What? No panties?! 


These were three days wear.  All I could think of was, I have to go to work and I have to do a presentation... Can I really stand there in a room full of powerful men without panties and only these very sheer pantyhose on under my dress? My heart was literally pounding so loud in my ears as I stood up when I was called to speak. I strolled to the front of the room and then turned around and looked at all of these men in the face and thought... I am about to deliver this meeting and none of you know that I am not wearing panties. I am only wearing pantyhose for a client who found me on a panty selling site. He requested and paid me well for these... I remember thinking this and giving a huge grin and seeing a sea of smiles in return. I successfully delivered my speech and even got a round of enthusiastic applause afterwards.

I would definitely do that again...

As for my client, well, he was very happy when he got the pantyhose.  I told him about what happened during the meeting and he got a kick out of it. He said it made him enjoy it so much more. He ordered from me again.

The moral of the story is, never be afraid to stretch yourself as fantasy makers and think outside the box.  However, if what is being requested doesn't sit well with you for whatever reason, it's OK to say no. And if you aren't sure what you should charge for a unique request, ask around, someone will know someone who does it.

Above all else, remember to have fun, we are selling fantasies after all...



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