Nov 02, 2021
Things I have  Learned

Things I have Learned

These are some things I have learned from being on SP so far. 

1. When someone message you about your pays being too low and asking you to change them to make them higher only do it if you want to. 

2. If someone ask you to do something you're not comfortable doing don’t do it because then you don’t feel good about what you just did. 

3. When someone message you and tells you to be a pay pig don’t do it but if that’s what they want to be for you then go right ahead and do it. 

4. You get ghosted a lot in SP that I have been finding that last few weeks. So do be upset if someone message you and say they are going to give you money ever month for just talking to them then they stop talking to you about a week before giving the the tests of the money they told you about just don’t worry and move on with your life. 

5. Just have fun do what you want but just have fun be funny love life and don’t let anyone get in your way for the things you would like in life. Even if it’s making a little bit of money being sexy. 

Things I have  Learned