Dec 04, 2022
The sisterhood of the traveling panties

The sisterhood of the traveling panties

My love letter to my beautiful friends

When I joined the world of panty hustling, I had no idea how much I would truly gain from it. Of course, I wanted to make some money and develop connections with my buyers, but I got so much more, and my heart has never felt so full.

In the beginning I never really spoke to other sellers. The first site I was on did not have much of a sense of community and when I started, I didn’t really plan on making friends. I joined a couple other sites and along the way met a handful of sellers, most wanted hints and tricks. I didn’t mind sharing what knowledge I had learned as I truly believe empowered women empower women, but once they got the info they were looking for, they disappeared from my inbox and my mind completely. My world changed with a simple message from a fellow seller “Hey we have the same knotty knickers! How do you like them?” and a few messages later a new unexpected friendship was born. 

I met a few other ladies and made instant connections. I was thinking you know what? You would get along so good with my other friends so started a group chat with some of our seller friends and the connection we made with these ladies is indescribable. We talk about everything in a judgement free zone. One night of deep chats of life and support I explained a powerful abbreviation FYF, Fuck Yeah Friends. Everyone needs that friend that when you have a solid victory that gives you the world’s biggest high five and say fuck yeah! Get it girl! Kick ass and conquer! That moment FYF was born. From the panty hustle, real world life, kids, relationships, struggles, wins, and so many laughs. I have never in my life felt more comfortable with any girlfriend as I do these women. We are the sisterhood of traveling panties, we are FYF.

We have met in person when traveling through each other’s areas, and everytime I get to meet a friend in person my heart grows even fuller. We plan secret Santa’s, girl’s trips, and collaborate on sexy and fun projects. My panty hustle experience would not be the same without them. They have turned it into something so much more. 

So here is my public love letter to my soul sisters in FYF. Who would have thought I would find 10 of my best friends, soul sisters, business partners, and so much more slinging panties?

The sisterhood of the traveling panties