The Professor

The Professor

This is just the short story of a class assignment that I had where my professor's behavior made me realize how incredibly sexy he was.  Enjoy

My school didn't have any particular dress code for professors, and this professor usually opted for casual wear, gray t-shirts and track pants. Today, however, he was wearing a three-piece, but it wasn't just the suit that made me bite my lip and my breath come shallow.  Normally, he wasn't goofy like some of my other professors, but you could clearly see a humorous personality under the surface.  Today was different.  I'd watched him monitor myself and my classmates for the slightest sign of weakness and then bring us to our knees.  Most of my classmates had been whispering about how he was being cruel and sadistic.  I might've agreed, but I was honestly too distracted by how much he was turning me on.

He sat at the front of the auditorium, addressing all of us, laying out his expectations for the next two days.  I should've been taking notes.  This was a major assignment, and there was a lot of pressure on me specifically.  But all I could think about was him throwing me against the wall and wrapping my legs around his hips.  I wondered what it would feel like to undo his belt while he unbuttoned my shirt and shoved it off my shoulders.  Somehow, the fact that I'd heard that he was the "moral compass" of the department, the professor who would never in a million years do that to a student, made me want him more.  I couldn't have him, but damn did I want him.

The rest of the night, all I could think about was his hands reaching and wandering under my skirt.  I thought that the fantasies were over when the assignment ended and he went back to his gray t-shirts and track pants.  Sure, they were never as intense, but the fantasies continued.  In fact, they got more detailed, more informed.  I had a newfound appreciation for how his shirts clung to his body.  I also came to the interesting realization that he had an amazing ass, leading to many times in class where I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking about grabbing it.

And a few nights after the assignment, Idreamed about sitting on his desk while he pushed my legs open and screaming into his shoulder while he screwed me.  This just gave me more ideas about all the ways that he could screw me.  I never acted on any of these fantasies, but it made class a lot more interesting, and I always wondered what would happen if I went into his office in a school girl outfit right before office hours ended.

The Professor2