The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

A Sellers Perspective

I do not consider myself an expert in the panty selling business. In fact I have a lot to learn.  Continuous learning makes me a better seller. 

While I have sold well over 100 panties in my close to two years time span, I can say with great certainty that no two transactions are alike.  

I have learned a great deal about seller etiquette. Some has been intuitively, while others were trial by error (more like trial by fire).  I have made mistakes, I have made poor decisions, and I have had disappointments. Yes no doubt I am far from being a perfect seller, but I recognize my mistakes and learn from them. Having said that, of all the mistakes I’ve made, none have dealt with buyer confidentiality. 


Some buyers are quite open with their fetish, love tributes and shout-outs. Some enjoy the attention and others prefer to remain in the background. As a seller, I never attempted to make that distinction. 

My number one rule is what goes on between my buyer and me stays inside and between the invisible cyber walls. If I feel the need to proudly display a panty I am currently wearing, I chose to mark it as “for a special buyer”, for example. He knows who he is and proudly (but anonymously) can enjoy the tribute.  Buyers need not be singled out in any way, shape or form unless he/she authorizes me to do so. Nothing will kill sales (and your panty-selling business quite frankly) more than violating a buyers confidentiality and privacy.  There is only one exception I have made (and to be quite honest, I have done so quite sparingly, and will most likely not do so in the future) is addressing them by first name in their review. I have been giving this a great deal of thought. If buyers wanted their name known, he/she would have used it as a PF name. So please be prudent and play it safe. Best advice I can give. 

The purpose of my article is to educate other sellers and bring some light to a very sensitive aspect of the panty-selling business, and share some of my knowledge and insight based on my experiences. It is by no means an attempt to shame/brow beat anyone. After seeing some posts on the main wall in the past few weeks, I felt compelled to provide my perspective. 

One final thought on privacy but this time it’s meant to address sellers privacy. I have seen many sellers recently publish pictures of their face. Please be careful and consider the risks. The spectrum for danger is high not only for your safety and well-being but also your future. With facial recognition lurking and technology growing by leaps and bounds, you expose yourself to vulnerabilities that can affect your careers, family, and safety. I know of sellers that were stalked, bribed, had personal information published, and even had their vids and pictures put on porn sites without their knowledge or consent. 

So in closing, be smart. Your products should speak for themselves, not your face. 

The Golden Rule2